One Off, and One – Time Cleaning Tasks

Sometimes, we realize that you need a one time cleaning of an appliance or part of the home or office that needs to get done. No sweat! We can make it shine with our green cleaning products and elbow grease. Things like the oven, refrigerator, or deep cleaning a bathroom shower, things like that, which don’t get the attention they need on a weekly basis.

Questions & Answers

A one time cleaning entails a deep cleaning of any surface within the interior of your home. We clean everything from and down to baseboards and everything in between. One-time cleanings are useful to mitigate Spring/ Fall allergies. In addition, one-time cleanings are extremely popular during the Summer when it is move-in/move/out season before the school season begins. .

Many of our clients call for our a one time cleaning when guests are coming into town, when they are throwing a party, when allergy season hits or when the house just needs an emergency overhaul from kids, pets, life!.

Our ladies are all well-trained professionals who can clean anything within the interior of your home. We tailor each cleaning to your specific needs but can clean everything from fans down to baseboards. Our speciality is making kitchens, bathrooms and floors shine!

Charges vary but our recommendations is 4-6 hrs with two ladies dividing and conquering the work. The per hour charge is $85/hr.

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