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Those of us who work in offices half our life know that it is truly our home away from home. But do we treat our work spaces the same as our offices? Our co-workers get sick and germs are spread quite easily. Help us keep your work green and clean so you can focus on being productive…your boss will thank you! Not to mention, our products smell amazing and don’t leave a noxious chemical smell which helps immensely give the fact that you can’t open windows at your office!
We can work around your office schedule to create a green cleaning rotation that is most effective for your office staff. We only use green products that are low in VOC’s and harmful chemicals to clean your office in the healthiest way possible. We believe strongly that cleaning is a gift we possess and want to give you the give of a clean and healthy office.


Questions & Answers

A one time cleaning entails a deep cleaning of any surface within the interior of your office. We clean everything from and down to baseboards and everything in between. One-time cleanings are useful to mitigate Spring/ Fall allergies. In addition, one-time cleanings are extremely popular around Christmas and before the Back to School Season commences.

If your office just needs a quick overall or you have executives in town or are hosting a big client meeting or event, please give us a call so we can create a pristine environment to increase your sales!


Our ladies are all well-trained professionals who can clean anything within the interior of your office.

We tailor each cleaning to your specific needs but can clean everything from fans down to baseboards. Our speciality is making kitchens, bathrooms and floors shine!


Charges vary but our recommendations is 4-6 hrs with two ladies dividing and conquering the work. The per hour charge is $85/hr.

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