A clean home is a wonderful thing, but if a home is not organized, does it ever really stay “ clean”?!

Our trained professionals can remove dust and allergens all day long, but when clutter exists, it is hard to feel at peace. In this Instagram world we live in, it is unrealistic for us to have “perfect homes,”  especially with children, pets and the busy lives we lead!

Our seasoned Home Organizational Specialists and Junk Removal Team can help! When we see the same thing everyday – toys piled up in a corner, Tupperware falling out of cabinets, closets that are so stuffed with “stuff” that you can’t see the floor…this is where we thrive!

We can organize your space and remove unwanted items and donate them to local charities for tax deductions.

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Testimonial – “Hyo changed my life! She organized my closet so now I can see what my husband and I actually own and plan my outfits for the week. I can’t believe it!” – Martha, Augusta

“Our playroom was a complete wreck on a daily basis, I didn’t even want to go in there. The ladies organized all of the toys and threw away broken items and organized everything into labeled bins so now it resembles a Pottery Barn Catalog! – Lauren, Evans

Here are some DIY tried and true tips that help you live an organized life to reduce stress!

  1. Do not organize junk – in other words, do a thorough decluttering and purge before you begin so you don’t waste energy and space organizing items you don’t need, use or love. When decluttering a space, first take everything out. Then clean the space with a thorough dusting scrubbing or polishing. Ask yourself, “What should I keep?” Is it useful, does it bring joy? Touch each item and put back only what you need and love. Have a system in place for getting rid of the rest such as a donation bin or trash bag and dispose of them as soon as possible.
  1. Start with Easier Spaces to gain momentum- your closet is a great place to start because its easy to figure out what  doesn’t fit or look good anymore. 
  2. Keep flat surfaces “clear” to keep spaces visually appealing and will make everything appear neater and more organized. Find ways to store most of your items out of site and keep those flat surfaces as clear as possible to instantly create the appearance of organization.
  3. Gather and sort first, then organize – Resist the urge to buy organizational supplies until you know exactly what you are keeping and how you want it to function. You’ll be surprised when you see what you already have on hand, without purchasing unnecessary supplies.
  4. Make it Attractive – if you do purchase bins/baskets, keep them uniform and neutral and classic so they will fit with any decore. (The exception to this would be a playroom as children thrive on primary colors). The beautiful wicker baskets can double as decore, but also hold plastic bags and aluminium foil in the pantry. 
  5. Everything has a home – Your mother said and it is true. “A place for everything and everything in its place”. This simple mantra will help you and your family become and stay organized. Even little children can help when they know where their “brush” is or the dog food is stored for chores.