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House Cleaning Augusta GA

We understand your home is important to you. That’s why we focus on the quality of the clean. Our Augusta cleaners aren’t contract workers - they are full-time employees who pay attention to detail. They care as much as we do. With our various cleaning services in Augusta, we are well staffed to meet your needs during the booking process.

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We Clean. You Relax

Cleaning's no fun. In fact, it’s time-consuming, dirty, and can involve a bruised knee or two. Luckily for you, we love to clean. It’s basically all we do.

Featured Services

Standard Clean

2 People Cleaning
  • Full Cleaning of House
  • Wipe Down & Scrub
  • Deep Clean Deodorizing
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Standard Clean

3 People Cleaning
  • Full Cleaning of House
  • Wipe Down & Scrub
  • Deep Clean Deodorizing
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Choose One Of Pricing Plans

Cleaning Plans
  • Convenient Pricing Plans

    Relax knowing your home will be cleaned on schedule with one of flexible cleaning plans.

  • We Sweat The Details

    On top of the standard features, we will go the extra mile to get your place looking fantastic.

What Clients Say


I love the service we receive from Sweet and Green! I have regular cleaning every 2 weeks for the last 3 years. They are professional and consistent. The level of their service has not diminished over time, and I feel that they value me as a customer. Any questions or requests I’ve made for special or specific services have always been done, and they are responsive when I need to reschedule my regular rotation. I highly recommend.

Lori Burchett

Their service is outstanding! I would recommend this company to anyone that needs a good all natural house cleaning!

Tiffany Robinson

Sweet and Green Cleaning has provided my office with excellent cleaning services for the past year without missing a day of service. Now I can focus on my job, and leave the cleaning to the professionals.

Melisa Dowen