Sweet and Green House Cleaning and Organizing

Organizing is a very important element to any well run household.

Here some interesting ideas and tools to think about for Organizing

The first step to take when you want to get your family organized for success is to purge what is no longer useful.

Things that you are not using are in the way! These items form a barrier between your family members and their successful lives. Many children have too many possessions crammed into their closets, drawers, and all over their rooms. Time spent working with the family to weed out unwanted and unneeded excess in their rooms is productive. Your children probably have more books, clothing, and toys than they need or want, so help them to sort through it all.

1. Design the system that fits your own life

There is not a right or wrong way to be organized in your home. Determining how to get organized takes some thought, though. What are the activities in which your family members are involved? By placing the toys, games, craft and art supplies, sports equipment, and homework resources at or near the places where they are used, you will save yourself from a lot of the extra effort created by having to pick up the trails of toy parts, game pieces, crochet hooks, sneakers, and markers that run throughout the house.

2. Containers are key

Here’s a concept to which many people are finally catching on: place all parts of activities into containers. The see-through plastic variety is particularly useful, as you and your children will be able to see the contents before you even move the container from its location. The proper containers are also helpful in developing responsibility in young children. Assign them with the task of cleaning up when they have completed their time with the activity. It is easy for them to see on their own if they have accomplished the task or not: either all the parts are in the container or they are not!

3. Use labels

Labeling is a tool with two uses for families, as labels promote literacy as well as organization. Most important in the process of labeling is that the children be involved. That way, they get to use the words that are most meaningful to them, which is an important part in making this a system that will be useful for them. For young children who cannot yet read, you may either draw or cut out pictures; this is a pre-reading skill because you teach that there is a relationship between a symbol and its meaning. There’s help if you need it!