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The emergency rooms all over the world deal with thousands of poison cases each year.  Most of these victims are children that have accidentally ingested or came into contact with household chemical based cleaners and detergents.

Children are particularly susceptible to common household chemicals and often suffer respiratory and nervous disorders.  A child’s reproductive, immune, respiratory and nervous systems are not as developed as an adult and are not able to naturally and probably detoxify these systems.  The central nervous system in a child is highly susceptible to damage and chemical contamination exacerbates the issues.  Due to an active lifestyle of a child, they are more likely to come into contact with household chemicals.  For example, children are often on the floor and are closer to chemicals or pollutants.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider going green for cleaning your home.

Healthier environment

Going green means there are no harmful chemicals in your home that your child or children can come into contact with.  Your children will no longer absorb chemicals through the skin or breath in.  The health benefits will extend to the rest of the family as well.

Most household chemicals that can be sprayed raises the risk of contracting asthma, especially in children.  However, an environmentally friendly cleaner will not leave harmful chemicals lingering in the air.

Also, using many different chemicals in your home releases these chemicals in the environment.  Changing to natural or organic cleaning materials will result in a cleaner environment and minimize your impact on the ozone and global climate changes.  Environmental products also come in re-usable packaging so your environmental footprint is also lessened.  Leaving a more sustainable environment for your children.

Better air quality and safer products

Most people with sensitive sinuses or respiratory systems cannot deal with the strong smell of chemicals.  Most green products have a pleasant smell as they are made with natural essential oils and other natural ingredients.

Also, strong chemicals can give those with sensitive skins burns, inflamed skin or rashes.  Natural cleaners are not corrosive and are gentle to sensitive skins.  Also, green products must adhere to very strict safety and consumer standards.

It’s cost-effective

You can save lots of money as green cleaning products can be made with regular household items such as lemon juice, vinegar, and olive oil.  And the cost of saving the environment cannot be measured.

Anti-bacterial anything is not necessary

Recent studies have shown that using anti-bacterial cleaning agents can lead to children building up an immunity to antibiotics.  The FDA has found that washing dishes or anything with anti-bacterial soap is no different or has no added benefits than washing with regular soap.   Some anti-bacterial agents are harmful to our hormonal systems.  Green cleaning products do not have any antibacterial agents.

People are becoming more and more concerned about the chemicals in their homes, especially regarding what effects those chemicals have on their children.  Going green is a much better and more inexpensive option to ensure your children are not exposed to harmful or life-threatening chemicals.