Why Green? Why Sweet & Green?

Most of us pride ourselves in our homes. Oftentimes they are clean, but at what price? Our homes and businesses are filled with commercial cleaners, polishers, pesticides, and chlorinated chemicals, oftentimes right under the kitchen sink, steps away from where we eat our meals!

We lead hectic lives and housecleaning takes up a huge chunk of time. Cleaning product manufacturers have turned us into a compulsive culture obsessed with cleanliness. This $18 billion industry pollutes the environment, harms our bodies and endangers our children. And, yet we still use these products blindly. Scientists at the National Toxicology Program found 5-10 percent of all chemicals in production could be carcinogenic in humans.

Did you know that we are highly affected by these chemicals in ways that are unimaginable? For instance, breast cancer rates are 30 times higher in the US than in less industrialized parts of Africa, while the incidence of asthma among preschool-age children has risen at least 160% since 1980. Researchers have linked many of the chemicals found in conventional residential cleaning products to illnesses that include allergies and asthma, cancer and reproductive issues.

But we are not helpless victims to our environment and drones to commercialism. Cleaning green protects local waterways, soil and landfill. When you reduce your toxic trail by eliminating chemicals you promote health for yourself and our community. Make steps into incorporating Green Cleaning into your families home today!