David and Ashley Sweet, daughter Shiloh, son Jack, and and their Westies, Addie and Arnie are committed to living in a toxic-reduced environment for the health of their family. Ashley Carson, who is originally from Augusta grew up an a very clean household as her father has owned Stanley Steemer for 32 years. The Carson family was always looking for ways to reduce allergens and create a healthy environment for the sake of their children and pets. After graduating from the Grady School of Journalism at the University of Georgia in 2002, Ashley migrated to Atlanta to work for an advertising agency and then in ad sales at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Shiloh was born on July 20, 2010 and 6 weeks later they followed their dreams and moved “home” to Augusta to be around family and start “Sweet and Green,” an eco-friendly maid service. The Sweets are passionate about overall health and believe it starts at home. They want to reduce toxins that subject us to deadly diseases such as cancer.Having a clean home and work environment is of utmost importance as we spend most of our time in these places. We want to reduce a family or company’s stress by housecleaning with safe, natural products that will be good for ourselves and our children. We are excited to be here and happy to serve!


Why Choose Us?

We drug test and back ground check every member of our team. We are licensed, insured and fully bonded. A team leader is present on every clean. In addition we do random quality audits throughout each day before the completion of most jobs to ensure quality.

‣ We are the only TRUE Green Cleaning company in the CSRA.

‣ Our Sweet & Green vehicles are small and eco-friendly as possibly to reduce carbon monoxide emissions.

‣ Our products are safe for you and your families-make a healthy choice today! Can purchase our cleaning baskets from our ladies.

‣ We have 32 years of house cleaning experience with the family of Stanley Steemer now forming Sweet and Green.

‣ Reduce Allergens and Toxins in your home and office.

‣ We provide our own products and leave your home both organized and sparkling.

‣ Know what’s in your housecleaning agents!

‣ Canada is 90% green products enforced and the US is only about 10% green because of commercialism.