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After you have been stuffed up in the house throughout the winter, it is now that time of the year to do your annual spring cleaning.Spring cleaning brings fresh feeling and it’s a good way to start with enjoying the spring as summer approaches To start with, the first thing you should do to have an effective spring cleaning is to have a checklist. Look into each room and note down things you need to clean. This will make the cleaning effective and saves time.

It has been observed that most available products for cleaning have contents that are sometimes toxic and can pose hazardous threats to your wellbeing.So, while you are planning your spring cleaning, it is safe to consider green spring cleaning methods, which are not only safe but also cost-effective.

1. Hang Dry Your Washed Clothes.

There are different benefits you get from drying your clothes in a natural way. Not only that using the electric thermal dryer is not environmentally friendly, it can also damage your precious wears.Asides that, it saves you from the stress of increase in your electric bill and gives your clothes a natural kind of smell.

2. Freshen Up The House With Pleasant Odors

You need an alternative to the use of Air fresheners which sometimes are dangerous due to the presence of CFC content in them. By opening your window, you will allow pleasant air come into your house and refresh your home with warmth. Also, you can use natural plants and certain essential oils that can produce a refreshing smell through your home.
3.A Better Way to Clean Your Carpets The Green Way!

Baking soda is known to be an effective cleaning agent. So instead of using chemicals that can pose a health risk, in the long run, you should opt in for baking soda. By sprinkling baking soda on the surface of your carpet, spreading it evenly and removing with the vacuum after some time, you can do a great job of removing the smell from your carpet or rug.
4. Window Cleaning In The Green Way!

By mixing about two teaspoonfuls of vinegar and an appropriate quantity of water is a safe method to clean your louvers and the glass windows of your house. Then use clean towel or rags to dry wipe it.This method is an effective and safe way to the use of chemical sprays to clean your window glass.
5. How About Your Wooden Cutting Board Cleaning?

The stains on your wooden cutting board can be removed by sprinkling it with coarse salt all over. You can then use lemon to rub the salt into the cutting board. Rinse well with water and then allow it to dry
6. Sponges Sanitization.

Most times the sponges we use in our kitchens are made of the natural material. Over time, sponges can begin to harbor germs and so the need for effective cleaning. Regularly, as need be, we can sanitize our sponges by boiling for about five minutes to ten minutes so as to allow the heat to kill any anchored bacteria.
7. Baking Soda and Salt for Oven Cleaning

If you use an oven in your kitchen, there are instances that you can have spills in your oven. The first thing you should do is to allow the oven to cool down. After cooling, you can then sprinkle some baking soda onto the spills and allow to stay for some time. You can then wipe it using a towel. Another alternative to using instead of baking soda is table salt. But here, you should add the salt when the oven is still warm and then scrub off after cooling.