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7 Common Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid


Here at Sweet and Green Cleaning, we understand that cleaning the house isn’t exactly the funnest thing. At the same time though, it is necessary to do and it’s also best to do it properly. Lest you make your cleaning chores take longer.

Below is a short list of cleaning mistakes that many of us do, but should avoid.


Using Way Too Much Water

Monitor how much water you are using. A lot of people load up too much on upholstery and as a result it can damage certain fabrics, making the drying process longer or ineffective. Even worse, can cause that watered area to grow mildew. Save yourself the trouble and apply water in a smart way. Furthermore you want to avoid water on any metal components as they could rust.


Using A Dry Rag For Dusting

You may think it’s green to use a rag for dusting, but that’s not how we do it. Actually using a dry rag for dusting only serves to move dust and dirt around. Furthermore it can scratch surfaces too, damaging them. Instead, if you want to use a rag, try a microfiber cloth or a soft duster. We have found that this method can grab and hold onto those pesky dust particles.


Combining Cleaning Products

They say more is better right? Well not in the case with cleaning products. It might sound like a good idea on the surface, but remember that cleaning products have all sorts of chemicals in them and who knows what sort of damage they can do. Mixing ammonia, bleach and detergent for example can potentially damage carpet or laminate surfaces. Furthermore they can create fumes that also are harmful to your health. (But we’re green cleaners and would never use those)


Vacuuming First

Another cleaning tip is to not vacuum first. It might make sense since you cover more ground faster and you remove the risk of stepping in something you don’t want to step in. At the same time though if you plan on cleaning the surfaces in the area, vacuuming first will only result in you vacuuming twice. Instead focus on the surfaces and then the floor afterwards.


Cleaning Windows While The Sun Is Out

It may be incredibly tempting to wash and clean the windows while the sun is out. With the light shining on, you can easily spot the dirty spots on the window to clean it better. But here, we’ve learned that it’s actually smarter to wait for a cloudy day instead.

The reason for that is because the sun is reflecting on the glass, the glass can retain heat making the surface warmer. What this means is anything that you put on it, like cleaning agents and your scrubbing efforts, will have the potential to leave smears and streak marks on the windows.


Spraying Surfaces Directly

Whether you use green products or not, whatever you do, don’t apply the cleaning fluid directly on furniture. In cases with furniture it can create build up that makes it a pain to remove but also attracts dust. Make it a good practice to apply cleaning products on a cloth and then apply it to the furniture rather than the other way around.


Not Cleaning Enough

The last mistake we want to address is not cleaning enough. We get it, you are busy. We all are. But the more days that you keep putting off cleaning, the more accumulation of dirt and dust will start to build up.Think of it this way, the longer that you put cleaning off the longer it’ll take once you do decide to clean. As such, make it a weekly thing to clean up around the place or devote a little bit of time every day to clean up after yourself. By doing that, you are avoiding major cleaning disasters and long days spending cleaning.